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Our Sponsorship Opens on Sept 1, and closes on Nov 1 for the 2020 Season.  You will need to renew every year.

Sponsorship Overview and Guidelines

Our "Motto" is simple!  HELP US, HELP YOU!!

Original Privateer is all about the Risk Takers, the Adventurers, and the Free Souls.  We are about the privateer, and the sport of motocross, as well as many other Actions Sports to include Wake Surfing, Sky Diving, Downhill BMX to name a few.  We dig free riders, or just anyone seeking adventure or taking a risk whatever sport or level you are at.  We are about maintaining a faith in a mindset that will lead to victory.  We want to help riders or adrenaline junkies in many different ways, from mental coaching, inspiring, and encouraging one to believe in themselves.  We want to encourage the person to add a little faith into their program, and help them with the mental piece of life, risk taking or adventurer.  So many great people lose confidence, and let doubt move into their life.  This forces many riders or risk takers off of their path, and their dream is lost.  We are huge advocates of facing your fears and embracing struggle, which leads to success.  Original Privateer stands for a lifestyle that refuses to dwell in the common—a lifestyle dedicated to chasing dreams, and making them a part of reality.

We are about creating a life change, a change that will allow you to dominate doubt and fear.  If you want to find the flow, and sharpen your focus, then you must change your mindset.    We want you to rock your life, rock your kool, race and ride harder than you ever have, make your dreams a reality, and love this life.


Let’s get right to the point here.  If you are only signing up to get free clothing, don’t bother signing up.  We are about the person that believes in the brand, more than a t-shirt.  Do we give out free clothing? Yes, but only to a select few who believe in the brand, and much of this is determined by our sales, or how well our business is doing, or how well you are rep'ing for us on social media, etc.  Again we are a mom and pop business, not a big company.  Be honest with yourself, and us if you are signing up.  We are a very small casual clothing company, with very limited resources, and our sponsored riders, risk takers, or adventurers are an extension of our marketing.  A sponsorship is a two way street.  HELP US, HELP YOU…  A rider on the podium, or a sponsored rider in general that provides no Social Media Presence, or Visibility and Brand Awareness, or we have no communication with, is just the person we do not want.  Results aren’t everything to us, but attitude is.  We want you, to want to work with us, and promote us.  We will promote you, as we do a lot of video work and posts, as well as many other creative things with the people we work with.  We will work hard to go above and beyond for you.  To include mental coaching through our videos.

Our Goal is to promote you, and we are stoked if our promotion draws attention to potential sponsors with other companies.  If we can help you gain more sponsors we are happy for you.  We encourage you to work with the other sponsors, or people helping you with the same mindset that we expect as outlined here.  Respect and appreciation is a two way street, whether it is with us or someone else.

We are not saying we expect posts all the time, nor do we want you to feel pressured.  It’s all about finding a balance.  We want your number 1 thing to be riding and racing, taking risks, seeking adventurer, and do it with passion, but occasionally throw us a bone.  ARE YOU STILL INTERESTED?  If you want to be a part of this Kulture then keep reading!



Do you actively race, ride, take risks or seek adventurer?  We don’t care what discipline, our focus has been motocross, but we love all Action Sports, and the Adrenaline junkie type.  To include the Van Lifers, Free Riders, Sledders, Rodeo, or anyone seeking adventure and freedom.

Are you a positive person, are you kool, and thoughtful?

Are you the kind of person that people are comfortable around, or will take a picture with another Original Privateer Sponsored Soul, despite their skill level, age, or discipline?

Do you promote a positive lifestyle, or are you that dude or gal on social media that annoys people with negativity and complaining?

Are you highly active with your social media presence?

Do you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our Youtube Channel?

Have you read Our Story section on our website?

What is our War Cry?

We are looking for great personalities, people that have a kool about them, someone that is appreciative and respectful.  We are a very small family run clothing company so we love creativity, especially when it comes to great pics, have fun with this, and be unique. We love riding or action pics, but that’s not our first preference.  We love casual pics, we don’t care where they are at.  It could be the track, the garage, camping, etc.  Get creative! Go rock the brand, have fun, get your krazy on.  Don’t forget to Hashtag #originalprivateer,.  This brand is about destroying doubt and fear, defeating and overcoming obstacles in your life, so start living!  


Sponsorship can vary from just supplying stickers, discounts, or free clothing, all depending on the individual and their activity.  Why do we do this?  Because why should someone who is working it hard, or rocking the brand get the lowest tier? 

Should someone who barely meet the requirements, or who rarely rocks the Original Privateer get the top tier? 

Basically, we look for specific qualities, and a kool that supports the brand and its meaning, as well as the sport, and in return we reward accordingly.  We do not base this off of race results, perhaps you rock the koolest pics, or generate lots of Social Media follows from your creativity while rocking the OP!  We would love for you to grow with us!

More than likely we will start you off with a discount sponsorship, and depending on many variables as described throughout this guideline, you could easily move up to a higher discount tier, or even the highest tier which is free clothing and products, or you could just as easily drop down to a lower tier.  We believe in being upfront and honest.  We have very limited resources, so we try to be articulate and strategic with things.

Moto 1 – Our Highest Tier, Free Pit Banner, Stickers, and we will send you free clothing occasionally, again we are small, if sales are struggling, we don't always have the resources to provide free clothing.  Social Media Spotlight posts.  You will be included on our Website Team Page, and various pages. Plus 30% discount on clothing.


Moto 2 – We will do periodic Social Media Posts of you, website team page, 25% discount on clothing.


Moto 3 – We will do periodic Social Media Posts of you, website team page, 20% discount on clothing.


Moto 4 – We will do periodic Social Media Posts of you, website team page, 10% discount on clothing.

If you have read everything thoroughly above, and dig what we are about and how we roll, then we want you to complete the bottom as follows:

Email us at support@originalprivateer.com Copy and Paste these above questions, and answer the following questions, please attach your resume, or pics if you have them as well as anything else you feel could help. 

Please Note: we will not even consider a sponsorship, unless these items are completed.  At which time we will review and discuss your application, and get back to you on our decision.  Our Sponsorship Opens on Sept 1, and closes on Nov 1 for the 2020 Season.  You will need to renew every year.

 QUESTIONS (Copy and Paste) Email us at support@originalprivateer.com



How did you hear about us?

Why do you want a sponsorship from us?

What is the koolest Original Privateer tshirt or hat you like?

What is it about Original Privateer you like the most?

How do you plan on Repping for us, or promoting us?

Do you understand we like kool creative casual photos wearing our clothing, with a mix of riding or racing?

Have you watched any of our Youtube videos?

What’s your favorite track, lake, or event?

What is your home circuit or District?

If you podium or have an interview would you mention us?

What is your discipline or action sport?

Have you read Our Story section on our website?

Please let us know your Social Media Profiles as we use these tools to review and make our decisions.

We do not have a contract, we are old skool and believe in a gentlemen agreement.  We just want you to be honest with us, and yourself.  We want this to be no pressure, but we do have expectations and we want you to thoroughly understand them.  We want you to Defeat and Overcome, to live the life you were meant to live, this is what we are about, believe in yourself.  We want you to truly believe in our brand.  We want you to go race and ride with passion.  But we are a clothing company and we believe sponsorship is a two way street, an extension of our marketing and advertising.

Thank you for your time, we hope you understand why we do these things. We receive hundreds of requests, unfortunately we cannot sponsor everyone as we have very limited resources.  This is why we try to find the right people that we feel are the right kind of kool to represent Original Privateer.