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Yoga for the soul

You would probably take a look at me and off the bat see a girl who has it all. Dirtbikes, family, love and happiness. But to be honest I was lost for a while. I felt like I was loosing everything I had wanted in my life. Winning and having fun racing, moving away from my family, and loosing myself. I went through a dark phase that i hid pretty well. This was when yoga really came into my life. Meditating and pursuing yoga really helped my confidence and view life in a different perspective. I began loving myself again, I began having fun riding again, and I began living in the now. Yoga can be for anyone, and can really help you not only mentally but physically. That was always one thing I had to work on with motocross. Yes motocross is one of the most physically demanding sport out there, but it also is one of the most mentally challenged sport out there as well. Think about it, with motocross it takes so much reaction and confidence in yourself to overcome one of the biggest challenges in life....fear. we all have fear, its engraved in us, we all create a fear in ourselves one way or another and it takes you realizing the illusion of fear to overcome it. Weather its jumping a big triple, or blitzing the whoops, there is a bit of fear in us of what the outcome can be. This is how yoga has changed my viewing of motocross. I viewed my illusions and what always holds me back and started to overcome it. I truly thank yoga for helping me wake up and realize life is always one and you have to be in the moment and not live in the past or stress on the future. I'm extremely grateful for yoga. I'm also extremely grateful original privateer gave me the honor to blog about it. Original privateer stands for an amazing message. Live your life and be you. Weather its motocross, surfing or even a band member in a rock band, rock your cool and be you! I'm excited to share my journey with original privateer and to know such an amazing family who aren't afraid to share their passion and beliefs with the world! I'm ending this blog with a quote I love and feel we should all live by. We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.